We offer 3 levels to suit your budget, time, and performance needs. 

Basic Off Road Safety Check
If you are getting ready to go off-road for the first time in a season, or wheeling every weekend we recommend doing this often. We inspect every joint on your suspension, make sure they are properly torqued, properly greased, inspect for any abnormal wear that would indicate a potential problem. We inspect and torque all of your steering system, checking for worn parts, weak parts, and to prevent that dreaded death wobble.


  • Properly Torque all Suspension Components
  • Inspect all Bushings, Suspension Joints, Steering, and U-Joints,
  • Inspect Vent Hoses
  • Inspect Wheel Bearings and Ball Joints for Wear
  • Grease all Zerk Fittings

Yearly Maintenance

Want long life out of your ring and pinion? Do many water crossings or off-road in sever conditions? Then this maintenance is a must.

This service includes all the services of our basic maintenance but adds a full front and rear differential service. This is a full inspection of all components to check for moisture, remove debris, and inspect your ring and pinion as well as the carrier for abnormal wear patterns.


  • Front & Rear Diff Service
    • Pull Diff covers
    • Flush
    • Inspect Gears
    • Inspect Lockers
    • Clean, Re-fill with new gear oil
    • Re-seal with new sealant 

Max Protection

This service is recommended once a year or before any big off road experience where breaking an axle could leave you stranded. This service includes all the service of 1 and 2 plus we remove the axle shafts, photograph and inspect for cracking or twisting (there is no other way to inspect your axle shafts), and check brake percent. This service also includes a transfer case service inspection, and use of a scan tool to check for any codes.


  • Inspect brakes (% remaining)
  • Inspect wheel bearings
  • Remove Front and Rear Axle Shafts (Inspect for twisting)
  • Transfer-case Service (drain & refill with new fluid)
  • Read for codes with Scan Tool