Automotive Mechanic for Off Road Shop

World Tour Offroad is a busy full service off road and fabrication business. We install everything from simple bolt on aftermarket accessories to full custom fabricated parts.

We are looking for someone that has extensive knowledgeable of 4 wheel drive vehicles. Candidate must be able to identify every part of the suspension, explain its purpose, and understand the calculations required to provide vehicles the proper geometry for a safe and comfortable ride.

Candidate must be able to identify the proper tool for each job and be able to use the tools properly. Candidate must be able to read and follow complex instructions and will be expected to work independently with little to no oversight.

If you are considered you will be expected to adhere to the shop policies and procedures.

If you are interested in the position, please send us your resume to If you are considered a candidate we will contact you for a formal interview.

Full Time Tire Technician

We have a full-time opening for an experienced tire technician. Must have valid driver’s license

Duties will include, but are not limited to:

* Mounting, balancing, and installing rims and tires
* Removing, Dismounting, and cleaning rims and tires
* Tire repair
* Tire rotations and balances
* Installing TPMS sensors
* Keeping a clean and organized work space

Any background in general mechanics is a plus and will move a candidate to the top of the list. Each candidate must have a desire to improve their skills and learn other mechanical skills.

Base pay is $11 per hour.