Life has a funny way of helping you find your true calling when you take the time to listen and follow the choices you are given.

That's how World Tour happened. The original goal was to build an overland trailer and prep my personal Jeep to travel from Anchorage Alaska to South America. I rented a Commercial space in Odenton, MD to build a trailer capable of carrying the extra gear I would need to live out of it while I made the long journey. I had decided to build my own trailer after I couldn't find one that would be suitable for thousands of miles of dirt roads. Constant vibration rattles the average trailer apart and when you are trying to travel completely self sufficient that just wouldn't do.

Somewhere along the way to building that trailer and preparing for the trip we took an unexpected. With all my tools and welding equipment in one place for the first time in 10 years I was able to create and build not just for myself but for others. We started hosting club wrenching parties. Seeing what products were out there and what needed done in the marketplace evolved into seeing a need for a different type of off road shop. A shop that could go beyond just bolting on a lift kit, one that would be capable of doing structural frame and fabrication repairs, custom axle upgrades, and full fabricated lift kits that are all our own design.

With my background in machining I feel it gives us a leg up on our competition when it comes fabricating and welding parts. We work to a level of precision that others don't understand and are not capable of matching. We have the specialty tools, equipment and knowledge to not build it to be good enough, we build it BETTER.

After working and building our brand life and other career changes made me want to work closer to home. To spend more time near friends and family so we moved the shop to Annapolis decided to make it a full time business and turned World Tour Off Road into what it is today.

We have grown far beyond our original goal of just being the best gear and axle shop anywhere. We now specialize in every aspect of your off road vehicle. From simple bolt on parts to custom fabricated parts to suit your every need. Come see us so we can take your dream and turn it into structure and steel.